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Welcome To Counted4 Commercial

Welcome To Counted4 Commercial

Counted4 Commercial is the leading specialist health and substance misuse service provider in the UK.

With over 15 years of experience of working with private, public and third sector organisations, we offer an integrated approach to managing risks posed to your business by substance misuse, and wider health issues including mental health.


We recognize every business is different and tailor our services to your specific needs and budget: whether that is implementing alcohol and drug programs alongside your HR and Health & Safety teams, or providing direct clinical support to staff affected by substance misuse and mental health.

End-to-end service

We'll meet your needs, however complex: from working with you to tailor an effective policy for your company, to implementing bespoke and cost-effective testing and treatment regimes, training packages and employee assistance programmes.


We offer a range of dedicated, experienced and well trained specialists who can work in any environment, independently or in conjunction with your HR, Health & Safety or Occupational Health providers. Our qualified personnel have years of individual & collective experience within Commerce & Industry, Primary & Secondary Care, Clinical Services, Education & Training, Social work, and Criminal Justice. We work with individuals with a variety of addictions or dependencies.

We offer a multidisciplinary and expert approach with the ability to provide third party specialist support to companies, individuals and society in general. When it comes to workplace substance misuse programmes, often companies and individuals are left to fend for themselves when problems occur.

At Counted4 Commercial we stay with the client from the start of and all the way beyond where most companies stop delivering or are not qualified to deliver specific services.


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